Double-Hitch Fly-Tying Knot

Here’s a little QuickTime video of an alternative tie-off knot for those FF&W readers who are lurking near a vise (vice?).

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This is the tying knot I first learned when I was a kid (thanks, GB!). It has served me well ever since (along with the whip finish). It also works nicely as a way to lock off the thread at certain points during more complex tying procedures. If you’ve (k)not used a double-hitch before, I think its worth learning and keeping in your tying skill-set.


  1. John LeJeune says:

    I’ll be teaching this to my god-son over the weekend. Trying to teach him a whip finish using a Martarelli has been futile.

  2. JB says:

    John—As a kid, I learned it quickly, and despite subsequently learning the whip by hand and tool, I still use the DH for much of my tying (old habits, and all that, but the DH also has some interesting advantages, too). Hope that your god-son finds it is easy (well, relatively speaking), and gets into tying with confidence.

  3. Jere Crosby says:

    I learned this knot in a video featuring Gary Borger a quarter of a century ago, and have been using it for my finishing knot ever since..I do not own a whip finisher.
    Gary’s comment on the knot went something like this…”Are you fishing the fly, or wearing it in your lapel? If you are fishing it this knot will work fine,” and it sure has for all of those years.

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