The Fish’s “Window” and Fly Design (#1)

A fly in-the-hand and a fly on-the-water may be two different things (at least to the fish). Below are a few shots showing a real Hexagenia mayfly dun just outside the edge of the fish’s window (photo taken via a slant tank), and the insect just inside the fish’s window (the brown area outside the window is a reflection of the bottom of the tank). Below that is a fly pattern that has proven effective for imitating these mayflies, again shown just outside/just inside the edge of the window.

The idea here is to provide an alternate perspective when it comes to fly designing/buying. Anything jump out at you when you see these shots? I’m thinking surface impression, shape/anatomy, and color (and I’m relieved that trout aren’t too picky). How about you? (And yes, I really need to build a new slant tank for more of these shots. And yes, I was supposed to do it last spring for those of you who have been reading this blog for a while).



Above: (top) The real deal. (bottom) The fake (but you already guessed that, I hope).

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